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Every aspect of the Same day Granny Flats network has been refined by over 30 years of industry experience. 

Nationwide coverage with local knowledge

Same Day Granny Flats is a nationwide business with decades of experience delivering quality, relocatable homes. Originally conceived in Sweden and adapted by our designers to suit Australian conditions our units are fabricated to our own exacting specifications by our exclusive overseas manufacturing partners.

We value direct communication with our customers, so we don’t use call centres. Our dedicated facilities, display villages (open 6 days / week) and local teams are on hand to manage inspections, enquiries, customer installations, tech support and warranty/repairs across Australia.

We maintain substantial stocks of spares at our depots nationwide and our 1300 National Priority ‘Hotline’ is available 7 days per week giving our customers peace of mind that expert help and advice is always on hand.

With our founder’s involvement in the industry dating back over 30 years, Same Day Granny Flats has earned its place as the market leader by investing in its relationships and supply chain over many years working with our own ‘in country’ production management teams to ensure quality, compliance, and consistency.

Why choose Same Day Granny Flats

Cold room (EPS) panel roofs with strips of adhesive tape to ensure sealing / waterproofing?
Our units are fabricated with 5mm single sheets of fibreglass covering the cold room panelling – no joins, no leaks and offers greatly enhanced impact protection. Premium series units use 75mm EPS panelling – offering improved strength and insulating efficiency.

Marine ply flooring, plastic window frames, single glazed windows?
Our units are built with 18mm cement sheeting floors – means no white ants, no waterlogging, rotting or warping. All windows are double glazed and fly screened with aluminium frames.

We maintain substantial stocks of spares at our depots nationwide and our 1-300 National Priority ‘Hotline’ is available 7 days per week giving our customers peace of mind that expert help and advice is always on hand if required.

Expensive unnecessary concrete slabs?

Always install units elevated (inexpensive/simple stumps or trailer). Allows airflow / cooling, avoids vermin infestation and most importantly, provides access to services (plumbing).

Experience has taught us that if simple maintenance is required, or customers want to run cabling or other services under their units – it’s impossible if installed directly on a slab.

While we deliver nationwide, a unit never goes direct from the port of arrival to a customer without first undergoing a thorough pre-delivery QA inspection at the nearest SDGF warehouse facility.

Our standard features - refined from real experiences

Coolroom quality insulation

Our Standard range of Expanders and our Studio model are constructed using 50mm (75mm in Premium) cool room panelling – Expanded Polystyrene or EPS for the walls and roof. This ensures that your new Same Day Granny Flat is well insulated and can handle the rugged Australian climate. This means that your home will stay cool in summer and warm in winter.

We manufacture our own cool room paneling which means we can provide a better price and can have better quality control measures in place.

Insulation - SDGF

Roofing that has you covered

Same Day Granny Flats places a 3mm steel sheet over the main pod roof. This steel sheet is in two pieces and has a gentle slope for water run off. The two side roofs have a full one-piece fibreglass sheet. The steel and fibreglass also help to protect the EPS panels from falling branches and helps to reflect heat off the cabin.

Our ‘Z’ flashings are another level

Another crucial component of a Same Day Granny Flat is the Z flashings we have implemented. When you lift the two side roofs up, there is a step in the roof and in certain weather conditions, water can blow back through the rubber seal. We have specially designed Z flashings that sit over the rubber seal and offer another level of water proofing. We also designed a way to incorporate a Z flashing to go along the bottom of all the walls.

mgo Flooring

Strong flooring with a minimal footprint

Magnesium Oxide (MgO) board flooring is an environmentally friendly and sustainable building material that is light weight, semi-flexible, impact resistant and can be fully recycled. Using MgO board offers many advantages – it’s water-resistant, highly resistant to flames (non-flammable) and has a natural mould/mildew resistance. MgO boards also maintain all their structural and dimensionally characteristics when wet, and are resistant to termites and other vermin/pests.

Easy care aluminium windows + doors

All the window frames and sliding door frames in a Same Day Granny Flat are manufactured using 100% aluminium. Some competitors use plastic which does offer some level of UV resistance and over time the plastic will become brittle and crack. As with many features on your new Same Day Granny Flat we only use high quality, durable products.


Seamless floor strips finish the look

All Same Day Granny Flat expander cabins come with aluminium floor ‘finishing’ strips, colour matched to the flooring in your cabin. It’s just another example of the details that set our relocatable homes apart.

Don't just take our word for it... Drop into a local display village and have a look for yourself

Premium features that are worth every cent

Large L-shape kitchen and storage

The Premium model comes with a long list of upgraded features including a larger, full length ‘L shaped’ kitchen with extended quartz stone benchtop, soft closing drawers and additional storage including overhead cupboards.


Bigger bathroom with more bling

Our Premium units come with a significantly larger bathroom footprint with vanity and pedestal toilet in-line along the rear wall, a full width shower/glass sliding door complete with marble effect waterproof wall paneling and hard wired exhaust fan.

Powder coated windows and trims

All the window frames and sliding door frames in a Same Day Granny Flat are manufactured using 100% alumiunium.

Plastic does offer some level of UV resistance, however over time the plastic will become brittle and crack. This isn’t the best choice for an item you will use daily.


Robust 75mm EPS construction

The Premium unit is fully lined (all wall and ceiling surfaces) with 75mm ‘Blue Dot’ Expanded polystyrene or EPS panelling, which in addition to additional structural strength offers enhanced insulation in both warm and cool environments and fantastic acoustic protection blocking out external noises and disturbance.

Daryn Wrightson

New South Wales

An absolutely amazing product and service from an Australian company. Mark, Mathew and the team at Same Day Granny Flats were awesome, helpful and honest. We have no regrets and love the end result.


Lewis Reese

SE Queensland

Camalina is great to deal with, very helpful and transparent, answered all our questions honestly and the units she has for sale were perfect for our situation, definitely no hard sell or pressure from Camalina and she made the whole process so easy. Our Daughter and grandchildren are loving their same day granny flat.


Honor Taylor

New South Wales

We bought 2 cabins from Mark and Matt to build and rent out as accommodation in White Cliffs NSW and cannot be more happy with them. Absolutely fantastic. Would recommend these to everyone – and trying to convince my husband to buy some more – great product, great service.