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Frequently asked questions

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about our relocatable homes and what we have to offer. If you have a question that you can’t find here, feel free to send us an email.

Same Day Granny Flats is a family owned and operated company that can deliver Australia Wide. We have implemented water proofing measures that other companies don’t have. As standard we install a full one-piece fibreglass sheet over the side roofs, have a 3mm steel sheet over the main pod, have designed Z flashings to go around the bottom of the external walls, aluminium window frames and Z flashings for the step on the roof, and best of all we are still very competitive with our pricing.

All of our current and available units are displayed on our designs page.

All of our current display villages are listed on our contacts page page.

For our standard range we only require a 10% deposit. If you want to make any changes to your SDGF Relocatable Home or purchase one of our “custom ranges” we require a 50% deposit. Each store may have a different deposit structure.

Your SDGF Relocatable Home is classed as a caravan which means that it may not need to go through any council approvals. All councils have their own interpretations to the planning rules. Under the NSW state government you’re allowed to have one caravan set up full time for a member of the household to occupy. You can view the legislation here.

NSW is currently the only state which has the blanket legislation for caravans. VIC has a legislation regarding DPU’s, which makes it easier to occupy caravans if the occupant is dependent on the home owner. NT has very relaxed legislation regarding the occupancy of caravans. In QLD, NT, SA you can apply for a dispensation to meet the council/state legislations. Have a chat with your closest SDGF store or your local council for more info. Most councils allow the use of caravans as long as you have a permit. Have a read through our council page for more information.

Currently we do not offer set up/installation of our relocatable homes. We will supply you with a full colour instruction manual and have dedicated phone line for support. We can recommend contractors to you.

~ The installation/set up. Depending on the model you buy there are different items you will need to install/set up
~ A plumber to connect to sewer mains, septic or grey water tank
~ A/C if required
~ Supply and installation of HWS. If using a gas system you will need the gas certified by a licensed plumber/gas fitter
~ Cooking appliances

From ground level to the under side of our standard trailer (NSW) is about 500mm. The trailer chassis is 150mm thick.

When on a trailer, our cabins are technically a caravan, and as long as you comply with your relevant State/local Legislation you can occupy the caravan without the need for prior council approval. Different states have different legislation.

Since SDGF Relocatable Homes are classed as caravans they come under the Caravan Standards of Australia. All the electrical components are SAA certified or have a Global Mark certificate. All of the plumbing fixtures have watermark certificates. Our trailers are manufactured to the Australian Design Rules and the VSB1.

Your SDGF Relocatable Home can be connected to be suitable off-grid systems. How far you go with your off-grid system is completely up to you.

Yes, we can organise delivery Australia-wide through our network of outlets and national freight carriers. The majority of our drivers operate ‘tilt tray’ trucks, which means that provided the truck can fit and can traverse the ground on-site (without damage or risk of ‘bogging’), we can usually unload exactly where required. This typically avoids unnecessary costs such as forklifts, cranes etc being needed to unload.

Your power supply is connected by a 15 amp extension lead and water can be as simple as connecting a garden hose, the same as on a traditional caravan.

Yes you can connect a gas hot water system, heaters and cooking appliances. All LPG installations must comply with the requirements of the Code Governing the Installation of LPG Equipment and Appliances. Also refer to AS/NZS 5601.1:2013 – Gas Installations.

Due to the Same Day Granny Flat’s having a compact living area, being constructed from steel and being well insulated, in certain climates or conditions condensation can form inside the unit. If this occurs in your cabin you can look at installing a vent, using damp-aid or a dehumidifier.

Due to being a registrable caravan, SDGF Cabins/Caravans can be set up in fire zones and flood zones. We recommend that you do your own research to make sure that a SDGF Cabin/Caravan is the best option, suitable for your area and that you are confident in packing up your cabin quickly, should you have to.

All of our cabins come with a 12 month warranty as well as any guarantees that can not be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. We don’t have any forms you need to fill out. There is no time limits for you to register for your warranty. We do not require photos of your cabin set up. Our warranty even covers the cost of removal/disconnection of services and the replacement/reconnection of all services, fixings and fittings.

Same Day Granny Flats works very closely with our affiliated factories to ensure we can be certain of the quality you will receive. As in all cases, when manufacturing in bulk, accidents do happen. This is why, unlike other suppliers, every SDGF cabin completes a final pre-delivery check at your local SDGF store prior to delivery to you. This ensures that there are no nasty surprises when your cabin arrives and no long complicated warranty forms to fill out.

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